Busker Fest includes nearly 100 performers as they bring their acts to the street. The following traveling acts join our local talent to create a memorable evening:

Rolla Bolla.jpg

Brent Fiasco

Brent Fiasco is a nationally sought after performer specializing in feats of skill, daring stunts, and strange things that are better seen than described. His off beat humor punctuates the routines, inspiring one recent viewer to exclaim "the comedy alone made the show worth it.. the tricks made it even better!". While Fiasco's shows have been performed everywhere from Kindergarten classrooms to Tattoo conventions, his current focus is street level entertainment; the eye-to-eye nature adding an immediacy and oddly conversational aspect.

A unicycle was Fiasco's entry into variety entertainment. Despite being a relatively uncoordinated teenager, he purchased it with the proceeds of a part time minimum wage job at a shotgun range. He spent hours a day trying it after school until eventually the curious neighbors' retorts of "when are you going to learn to juggle on that??" could actually be taken seriously. This launched a hobby of experimenting and learning odd tricks with odd objects and a love of performing that grew into a job, then a career which has spanned national television appearances and thousands of live shows across the country


Brittany Sparkles

Brittany Sparkles is a 12-year veteran circus performer who has traveled and performed all around the world! Originally from Long Island, NY, she is a graduate of the National Institute of Circus Arts (NICA) in Melbourne, Australia, and currently calls sunny Southwest Florida home. She has been hailed as "America's Circus Barbie Sweetheart," and her adorably quirky personality is sure to warm hearts and tickle the senses with laughter and silliness.

Before creating her very own one-woman circus show, Brittany toured the USA with traditional American circuses, such as Cole Brothers Circus and George Carden Shrine Circus International. She now mixes her showgirl flare with her whimsical imagination to create cheeky, sparkly, family-friendly entertainment for all ages!

Pineapple Man.png

George Gilbert

A Little Slice of Paradise! George Gilbert, aka the Pineapple Man, delights in this tropical comedy, culminating with the grand finale: The World Famous Pineapple Trick! (Hooray!)

Originally from Baltimore, Maryland, George has traveled the world for the past 13 years, entertaining passers-by with his brilliant street diversion. Bringing his award-winning magic, cheerful character, and quick wit together, this light-hearted production blends the lines of humor and magic. There is truly something for everyone, from frolicsome antics to clever and intelligent illusions. The Pineapple Man is always an up-roaring hit!



Daniel's hard-working ethics, cool demeanor, and witty banter set him apart as an industry-leading entertainer. With over six years of experience in both busking and shows at festivals, fairs, and churches, Daniel is a natural performer, who's daring escapes and cheeky contortions keep audiences in awe. He recently won 3rd Place People's Choice Award at the Seaport Village Busker Festival in San Diego, CA, and is a local favorite in SWFL. Also hailing from Baltimore, Maryland, Daniel travels the country with his well-loved 7-foot unicycle, straitjacket, and juggling clubs, always ready to amuse and entertain. His "comically kooky" style is fun for all ages, and maintains a professional, sophisticated edge that appeals to all. Outside of performing, Daniel is also a skilled video editor and runs a successful YouTube channel.